Available data from ORFEUS

ORFEUS is the European Infrastructure for seismic waveform data and related metadata and provides services to access high quality seismic waveform data collected by temporary and permanent seismic networks deployed by European-Mediterranean organizations. This typically involves continuous waveform data, with sample rates from 1-100Hz, recorded by seismic velocity sensors and accelerometers.

ORFEUS coordinates the infrastructure for distributed seismic data archives in Europe: EIDA (European Integrated Data Archive).

European Integrated Data Archive EIDA

Network Deployments Overview of all permanent and temporary networks in EIDA
Station Database Access to the EIDA station database
Webservices FDSN and EIDA webservices for direct data access
WebDC3 Data Portal Graphical User Interface to EIDA waveform data and metadata

Strong Motion Data Products and Services

RRSM Rapid Raw Strong Motion - system to automatically provide strong motion parameters
ESM European Strong Motion - provides access to reviewed strong motion engineering parameters

EIDA Station Book Detailed Station Information

StationBook Station Inventory for EIDA stations