EIDA Nodes Datacenters of the European Integrated Data Archive

EIDA nodes are datacenters that collect and archive data from seismic networks deploying broad-band sensors, short period sensors, accelerometers, infrasound sensors, and other geophysical instruments. Networks contributing data to EIDA are listed in the ORFEUS EIDA network list.
Currently 11 nodes are contributing data to EIDA. Nine primary nodes have committed resources to ensure the EIDA operations and to support further developments. The description indicates the focus of operation for each node. The interface to the data is standardized across EIDA nodes. In addition, each node may also provide unique and restricted data services. Visit a node page for detailed information on data access tools.

Datacenter ID Description and Focus Region Since
ODC / KNMI European-Mediterranean, Netherlands 2013
GFZ European, Global, temporary deployments 2013
RESIF France + Global temporary deployments 2013
INGV Italy, European-Mediterranean (MedNet) 2013
ETHZ Switzerland 2013
BGR Germany 2013
NIEP Romania 2014
KOERI Turkey 2014
NOA Greece 2016
IPGP France (volcanological observatories) & Global (GEOSCOPE) 2013
LMU Germany (BayernNetz) 2013