European integrated waveform data archive / EIDA (NA3)

Creating a distributed European archive of continuous digital waveform data from high quality seismometer stations in and around Europe. The current core archive consists of the Orfeus Data Center at the KNMI, the GFZ Geofon data center, the INGV national data center and the IPGP Geoscope data center. The data exchange protocol used is ArcLink, developed by GFZ. EIDA data access is currently realized through the NERIES Seismic Data portal and incorporates ODC and GEOFON data. In Figure 1 (below) the EIDA concept is depicted. Coordinator: Winfried Hanka (GFZ). 

Figure 1. The EIDA concept with four nodes (ODC, GFZ, INGV and IPGP). The ArcLink protocoll also enables connection to the FDSN library at IRIS in the US. 

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