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Available data from ORFEUS

ORFEUS coordinates the infrastructure for seismic data archives in Europe, called EIDA (European Integrated Data Archive).

ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) is one of the ORFEUS EIDA nodes that archives waveform data and metadata from European seismic networks. The data archive at ODC contains waveform data from 1988 to present.

The EIDA infrastructure provides information and access to waveform data and related metadata from permanent and temporary seismic networks deployed by European-Mediterranean organizations:

networks Overview of all permanent and temporary networks in EIDA
stations (map) Google Maps with all EIDA stations
stations (database) Access to EIDA station database
data (interactive) Interactive webaccess to EIDA waveform data and metadata
data FDSN webservices to retrieve EIDA data

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