Services and datasets provided by ORFEUS Data Center (ODC)

ODC and 8 other European datacenters contribute data to ORFEUS' distributed data archive EIDA (European Integrated Data Archive). Identical requests for open data to each EIDA nodes provide identical data. However, each node may also provide unique, restricted data and additional services. Click on a node (left menu) for detailed information on specific datasets and/or access tools.

ORFEUS Data Center offers open access to the ODC archive ( VEBSN ) and all EIDA stations with unrestricted access.

ORFEUS Data Center is hosted by KNMI.

web interface (interactive tools)

name description data source
webdc3 waveforms, station metadata EIDA
RRSM rapid raw strong motion data EIDA
network list permanent and temporary networks with unrestricted access EIDA
station database search within EIDA station database (daily update) EIDA
stations on Google Maps permanent and temporary stations with unrestricted access EIDA
compass data availability ODC (VEBSN)
navigator event waveforms (select/view using quality parameters) ODC (VEBSN)
special datasets datasets provided by researchers or specific deployments ODC


name description data source
fdsnws-station station metadata in FDSN StationXML format ODC
fdsnws_dataselect waveforms ODC
odcws_wfmetadataselect waveform metadata ODC

direct ftp access

data type description data source
station metadata dataless SEED and SC3 inventory XML ODC
continuous waveforms mini-SEED waveforms, day-files per channel ODC
earthquake waveforms earthquake related waveforms ODC

e-mail request

name description data source
breqfast waveforms, station metadata (SEED) EIDA

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