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The 2015 ORFEUS Annual Observatory Coordination meeting took place in Bucharest, Romania, between 21 and 24 September, and was co-organized by NIEP. Topics of this workshop were a) status of Eastern European networks, b) recent developments in ORFEUS EIDA products (e.g. ESM, RRSM) and innovative services (e.g. webservices), c) EPOS, and d) recent developments in SC3, ObsPy and related tools (Scisola, MSNoise).

The European Strong-Motion database (ESM) is an archive of accelerometric waveforms from events with magnitude >= 4.0 recorded in Europe and middle-East since 1969. It provides unprocessed acceleration time-series, manually processed acceleration, velocity and displacement time-series, acceleration and displacement response spectra, and relevant engineering parameters.

  • Waveforms are either downloaded from the the ORFEUS European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) or provided by data providers joining the ORFEUS Working Group 5.
  • Near realtime earthquake information is provided by the EMSC, although earthquake locations and magnitudes are periodically revised.
  • The ESM was developed within the NERA project.

  • The RRSM is a fully automated system that provides earthquake information and engineering parameters including PGA and PGV, within minutes of any event with magnitude >= 3.5 in the European-Mediterranean region.

  • Near realtime earthquake information provided by the EMSC. triggers RRSM software that collects and processes open, high quality waveform data and corresponding station metadata from the ORFEUS European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA).

  • In addition to exploring the database, the RRSM portal facilitates easy download of the original waveforms from EIDA.

  • The RRSM was developed within the NERA project.

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11-06-2014: ODC's Navigator replaces WilberII
ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) replaces WilberII by Navigator, a web application for requesting earthquake oriented data from the ODC archive. The ODC Navigator allows users to easily find events and related waveform data in the ODC archive. Further selection based on quality criteria, like SNR or gaps, can be performed. Waveform data can be previewed and downloaded in mini-SEED format together with metadata (dataless SEED). Current holdings: 2013, 2014.

06-02-2014: International Workshop on Strong Motion and Acceleration Data - NERA, ORFEUS, AFAD
On May 12-14, 2014, ORFEUS will organize its annual coordination meeting in Ankara by focusing more on strong-motion (SM) communities than the previous ordinary workshop sessions. Workshop webpage

20-01-2014: EIDA
ORFEUS revised its data archiving infrastructure and organization into a coordinated distributed data archive system called EIDA (European Integrated Data Archives) with the goals to (a) securely archive seismic waveform data and related metadata gathered by European research infrastructures, and (b) to provide transparent access to the archives for the geosciences research communities. At present, data from more than 3100 stations are available from 75 permanent and more than 35 temporay networks.

Please consult the new EIDA website for more information and data access.

19-07-2013: New visiting address
ORFEUS Data Center - and its hosting institute KNMI - will have a new visiting address per 19 July 2013. The new address will be:

Utrechtseweg 297
3731 GA De Bilt

Our mail address will not change (neither our buildings):

P.O. Box 201
3730 AE De Bilt
The Netherlands

29-05-2012: Data of the Northern Italy Earthquake at 07:00 UTC (Mw 5.7 EMSC)
Waveform data collected from the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) are available in mini-SEED or in SEED

19-04-2012: ORFEUS-EPOS-NERA-EMSC booth at the bEGU 2012
At the EGU in Vienna, an information booth is shared by ORFEUS, EPOS, NERA and EMSC in the exhibition hall on the Ground Floor of the Austria Centre Vienna. Please visit us at booth no. 13 from April 22-27, 2012.

28-02-2011: Annual Report 2010
The ORFEUS Annual Report of 2010 is available here.

17-02-2011: ORFEUS key component in EPOS preparatory phase project
The preparatory phase of the EPOS (European Plate Observatory System) project has started on November 1, 2010. ORFEUS coordinates the seismology research infrastructure component within this project and will be an important component in EPOS.

17-02-2011: ORFEUS started EC infrastructure project NERA
November 1, 2010, a new EC Infrastructure project has started: Network of European Research Infrastructures for Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation (NERA). 28 participants from 15 countries work on integrating seismology and earthquake engineering research facilities.

This workshop will focus on integrating seafloor and land-based seismographic observations, and will be held on May 25-28, 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal. It is aiming at a closer coordination between mobile deployments on land and on the sea floor.

17-02-2011: Workshop on eScience Applications for Seismology
A workshop on eScience Applications for Seismology will be held on March 7-9, 2010 in Edinburgh, UK. It is a small workshop discussing recent IT developments in seismology and how to proceed in global coordination.

19-04-2010: Seismic Data Portal in use
The newly launched Seismic Data Portal provides access to event, waveform and acceleration data from the EMSC, ORFEUS (VEBSN and EIDA) and a number of acceleration networks.

15-04-2009: ORFEUS booth at EGU 2009
Information about ORFEUS, EMSC, NERIES and EPOS will be available at booth no. 36 at the EGU 2009 in Vienna, Austria (April 20-24, 2009).

06-04-2009: ORFEUS Annual Report 2008
The ORFEUS Annual Report 2008 is available at the Documents page.

12-03-2009: ORFEUS Working Group 3 meeting at EGU
There will be an ORFEUS Working Group 3 meeting at the EGU 2009 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st April, from 12:00 to 13:30 hrs, in room SM4 (Yellow Level, Ground Floor). The main item for discussion is archiving and access to data from portable instrumentation, and the potential for inclusion in the iminent NERIES2 proposal. More information on Working Group 3..

21-01-2009: ORFEUS Observatory Coordination Meeting
From May 2 to May 8, 2009, the Annual ORFEUS Observatory Meeting (International Workshop on real time seismology: Rapid Characterization of the Earthquake Source and of its Effects) will take place in Erice, Italy. Registration deadline: February 15, 2009. More information..

18-12-2008: EPOS added to ESFRI road map
EPOS is added to the new ESFRI roadmap (2008). The roadmap is available here.

18-12-2008: Season's Greetings
ORFEUS wishes everybody the best for the coming year. Please see our Season's Greetings Card.

09-12-2008: First article next ORFEUS Newsletter available
The first article of the next ORFEUS newsletter is available here. Subject: The IberArray broadband seismic network: A new tool to investigate the deep structure beneath Iberia.

09-12-2008: Positive mid-term evaluation NERIES
Prof Göran Ekström has positively assessed the progress of the NERIES project so far. His overall impression is ‘that NERIES is a well-designed project that is well-managed, and that it, so far, is a great success’. For more information, please see www.neries-eu.org.

A number of ORFEUS information leaflets have been developed with general information on ORFEUS and the ORFEUS Data Center (ODC).

November 6-7, a brainstorm meeting for future developments of the NERIES Data Portal will take place in Edinburgh, United Kingkom. Information and practicalities can be found here.

A website has been launched for the European Plate Observatory System (Research Infrastructure and E-science for Data and Observatories on earthquakes, Volcanoes, Surface dynamics and Tectonics).

18-08-08: NERIES scientific mid-term review at ESC2008
The NERIES mid-term review will take place on 9 and 10 September, during the ESC2008 (Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, 7-12 September 2008).

The latest issue (Volume 8, Number 1, June 2008) is out. Subject a.o.: PQLX, Tsunami Warning System, Observatory Coordination meeting, announcements, etc. Older newsletters are available here.

Please note: Registration is closed as we have reached the maximum number of participants.

01-02-2008: ORFEUS webpages and data service
Our web servers have been successfully replaced and both FTP and Java applet problems have been resolved. In the following two months we expect that a range of data services will become available. These will be announced here and on the data availability web page.

This workshop on waveform inversion is being organized by ORFEUS and the Utrecht University (UU) and will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands from June 19-20, 2008.

The NERIES Annual meeting (including the General Assembly) will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from June 30 - July 2, 2008.

The Annual Observatory Coordination meeting will take place in Barcelona, Spain from May 5-8, 2008.

This workshop takes place at the DPG-IS (Institut Scientifique) in Rabat, Marocco from 15 to 17 November 2007. This workshop is part of ongoing efforts to improve collaboration and cooperation on earthquake surveillance in the Western Mediterranean region.

This workshop will take place at ZAMG, Vienna, Austria from October 7th to October 10th 2007.

The Earthworm Workshop will take place at INGV, Rome from October 18th to October 19th 2007. Aim of the workshop will be to encourage the exchange of experiences by the different networks operators running Earthworm in Europe and to coordinate future.

The 1st Annual Report (AR1) has been delivered to the EC in hard-copy and in a digital version (including the deliverables) on July 26, 2007.

This workshop is intended for people from Europe and its immediate surroundings who are actively involved in operating seismological observatories, and analyzing and managing earthquake seismological data. The objective is to exchange practical experiences, new technologies and coordinate new relevant technical developments and exchange of (real-time) waveform data.

For more information, consult the workshop website.

The Orfeus Electronic newsletter aims at disseminating rapidly relevant information to the Orfeus community within the European-Mediteranean area.

ORFEUS plots recent earthquakes using Google maps.
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