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How to join

In general, all institutes/organisations interested in seismology can become an ORFEUS participant. An institute/organisation can participate in ORFEUS if there is a "corporate founder" in its country. The following countries are supporting ORFEUS by a Corporate Founder: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom. If your country is not included, the ORFEUS board of Directors may decide upon a 'temporary' participation. The annual fee for an institute/organisation participant is EUR 200,- euro. For new participants we charge an entrance fee of EUR 70,- (extra). If you are interested to participate, please, contact .

ORFEUS Participants
Institutes and Organizations marked by CF are also Corporate Founder of ORFEUS

Country City Institute Contact
Austria Vienna Department of Geophysics, ZAMG (CF) Dr. Wolfgang Lenhardt
Azerbaijan Baku

Republican Seismic Survey Center, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Gurban Yetirmishli
Belgium Brussels Observatoire Royal de Belgique Dr. Thierry Camelbeeck
Bulgaria Sofia Geophysical Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Dr. Dimo Solokov
Croatia Zagreb Croation Seismological Survey, Dept. of Geophysics, University of Zagreb Dr. I. Allegretti
Czech Republic Prague Geophysical Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences Dr. Jan Zednik
Czech Republic Prague Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University Prof. Jiri Zaharadnik
Denmark Copenhagen National Seismological Network, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (CF) Dr. Peter Voss
Denmark Copenhagen Geological Institute Copenhagen Prof. Hans Thybo
Estonia Tallinn Geological Survey of Estonia Dr. Jaan Kivisilla
Finland Helsinki Institute of Seismology (CF) Dr. Annakaisa Korja
France Valbonne UMR Geosciences Azur, CNRS/UNSA Dr. Anne Deschamps
France Grenoble Observatoire de Grenoble, Université de Grenoble Dr. Helle Pedersen
France Paris Institut de Physique du Globe Prof. Jean-Paul Montagner
France Strasbourg Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg Prof. Michel Granet
Germany Hannover Federal Institute for Geosciences and Resources Dr. Klaus Stammler
Germany Bochum Geophysical Institute, Ruhr University Prof. Wolfgang Friederich
Germany Hamburg Hamburg University, Geophysical Institute Prof. Torsten Dahm
Germany Frankfurt am Main Institut für Geowissenschaften, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Prof. Georg Rümpker
Germany Fürstenfeldbruck University Muünich, Institute of Geophysics Dr. Joachim Wassermann
Germany Wolfach Observatorium Schiltach Dr. Rudi Widmer-Schnidrig
Germany Leipzig Leipzig University, Institute for Geophysics and Geology Prof. Michael Korn
Germany Münster Wilhelms University, Geophysical Institute Prof. Christine Thomas
Germany Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Dr. Joachim Ritter
Germany Potsdam GeoForschungZentrum (CF) Dr. Frederik Tilmann
Germany Potsdam Institute für Geowissenschaften, University of Potsdam Prof. Frank Scherbaum
Germany Stuttgart Geophysical institute, University of Stuttgart Prof. Manfred Joswig
Greece Thessaloniki Geophysical Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Prof. Dimitris Panagiotopoulos
Greece Athens National Observatory of Athens, Institute of Geodynamics Dr. Nikos Melis
Ireland Dublin Dublin Institute for Advance Studies Dr. Tom Blake
Israel Holon Seismological Division, Geophysical Institute of Israel Dr. Rami Hofstetter
Israel Soreq National Data Center Dr. Yochai Ben Horin
Italy Rome Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (CF) Dr. Andrea Morelli
Italy Trieste Istituto Nazionale di Oceanogrfia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS) Dr. Marco Mucciarelli
Italy Trieste Istituto di Geodesia e Geofisica Dr. Giovani Costa
FYR Macedonia Skopje Seismological Observatory, University of Sts Cyril and Methodius Prof. Lazo Pekesvki
Netherlands Utrecht University of Utrecht, Institute of Earth Sciences (CF) Prof. Jeannot Trampert
Netherlands De Bilt Seismology Division, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute Dr. Bernard Dost
Norway Kjeller NORSAR Prof. Hilmar Bungum
Norway Bergen Solid Earth Department, University of Bergen (CF) Dr. Lars Ottemöller
Norway Oslo Institute of Geophysics, University of Oslo Prof. Valerie Maupin
Poland Warzaw Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences Dr. Wojciech Debski
Portugal Lisbon Physics Department, Instituto Superior Tecnico Dr. Joao Fonseca
Portugal Lisbon University of Lisbon Prof. Miguel Miranda
Romania Bucharest National Institute for Earth Physics (CF) Dr. Constantin Ionescu
Serbia Belgrado Republicki seismoloski zavod, Seismological Institute Belgrade Dr. Slavica Radovanovic
Slovak Republic Bratislava Department of Seismology, Geophysical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences Dr. Peter Moczo
Slovenia Ljubljana Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Mladen Zivcic
Spain Madrid Instituto Geografico Nacional Dr. Emilio Carreno
Spain Barcelona Institut d'Estudis Catalans Lab. d"estudis Geofisics "Eduard Fontsere" Prof. Dr. Emma Suriñach i Cornet
Spain Barcelona Institut Geologic de Catalunya Dr. Antoni Roca
Spain Roquettes (Taragona) Observatorio de l'Ebre Dr. David Altadill Felip
Spain Madrid Departamento de Geofisica y Meteorologia, Universidad Complutense Prof. Elizabeth Buforn
Spain San Fernando Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada Dr. Jose Davila
Sweden Uppsala Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University (CF) Dr. Reynir Bödvardsson
Switzerland Zurich Geophysical Institute, ETH Hoenggerberg (CF) Prof. Domenico Giardini
Turkey Ankara Earthquake Research Department, Ministry of Public Works and Settlement Dr. Mural Nurlu
Turkey Istanbul Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (CF) Dr. Dogan Kalafat
United Kingdom Cambridge Bullard Laboratory, Cambridge University Dr. Keith Priestley
United Kingdom Edinburgh British Geological Survey (CF) Dr. Brian Baptie
United Kingdom Edinburgh Department of Geophysics, University of Edinburgh Prof. Ian Main
United Kingdom Leicester Department of Geology, Leicester University Dr. Richard England
United Kingdom Reading AWE Blacknest Dr. Sheila Peacock

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