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The ORFEUS software pages will remain available here - but without active maintenance or verification.

ORFEUS does not take any responsibility for the quality of the software.

Users are urged to refer appropriately to the developer(s) and forward bugs, improvements, comments to the software developer and ORFEUS so others can also benefit from your findings.

If you have new software you would like to share with the community, please, contact us.

ORFEUS promotes the availability of relevant seismological software, therefore we:

Maintain the Seismological Software Library (SSL) with web- and ftp-site links and mirrors of relevant sites, and promote GNU licensing.

Promote and co-ordinate relevant software developments on OO programming, data exchange and routine a nalysis, web applications (XML, etc.) within the seismological community in Europe (see also the software working group).

  • PC-shareware links
    Links to available PC-software in seismology. We concentrate on shareware. Only occasionally to some relevant commercial sites. Mainly DOS/Windows 95/85/NT platform. Continuation of the IASPEI-PC Shareware Library.

  • SEED utilities
    A number of utilities for accessing SEED volumes, processing the data, producing, verifying, reading, response functions, etc.

  • Seismological Software Library
    Links to available software in seismology, mathematics, graphics, etc. We concentrate on shareware. However, some relevant commercial sites are also included. Mainly UNIX/Linux platform.

  • Waveform format conversions
    Waveform format conversion programs. An overview and references to available programs.

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