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Last update: December 12, 2008

Please, if you copy software read the conditions and recommendations attached to them, provide appropriate references and contact the author that you are using it. We recommend authors to include the GNU General Public License. Bugs, problems, etc should be reported to the authors. Please contact on mistakes, suggestions, additions.

CONTENTS: Graphics - Focal mechanisms - Hazard analysis - Site response - Data processing - Signal Processing - Data viewing - Data analysis - Recording & calibration - Data display - Formats - Macintosh - Windows

  • General seismology
    IASPEI PC Software.
    The IASPEI software is a selection of PC-oriented programs gathered by a IASPEI working group and distributed by the Seismological Society of America (SSA). Presently 6 volumes have been published, each available for 250 US$.
    Contains Lee's data aquisition, processing and analysis package (vol 1), Plotting seismic data (vol. 2), SeisGram & SYN4 (vol. 3), managing bibliographic information (vol. 4), PITSA (vol. 5), SASeis, UpDate & M8 (vol.6).

  • Graphics
    Software to convert one image format to an output file with a different image format. Covers most image formats, but requires installation of ImageMagick.
    Plotting of Earthquake data. Documentation. Language: Visual Basic 3.0. Platform: Windows 95/98 NT. Author: Roger Musson.

  • Focal Mechanisms
    Plot earthquakes focal mechanisms and stress orientation. Authors: Eleni Louvari and Anastasia Kiratzi.

  • Hazard analysis
    SeisRisk III
    Seismic hazard analysis from Bender and Perkins, USGS Bulletin 1772, "SEISRISK III: A computer program for Seismic Hazard Estimation" Modifications by Roland LaForge. Other modifications can be found elsewhere. Platforms: DOS, Mac, OS2, VMS.
    SMARTS 2.0
    California Institute of Seismology (CIT) Strong Motion Accelerogram Transfer System (SMARTS) enables users to browse, find, view, plot and compute Fourier and response spectra. Written in QuickBasic. Costs(!): 50 US$ + shipping.
    USGS National Strong-Motion Program software to plot and process acceleration time series. Filtering, Fourier and response spectra. Platforms: DOS and source codes

  • Site Response
    Computing the seismic response of horizontally layered soil deposits. Written by Schnabel, Lysmer and Seed, 1972 and modified by Idriss and Sun, 1992. Manuals are available from NISEE
  • Data viewing
    Viewing SAC bin files. time-frequency analysis, filters. format conversion to SUDS
    Requires free LabView Run-Time Engine, Platform: Windows. Author: Victorin Toader.
    Viewing PC-SUDS files (.wvm and .dmx).
    Requires free LabView Run-Time Engine. Platform: Windows. Author: Victorin Toader.

  • Data processing
    Software for processing and analysis of seismograms. Platform: Windows-3.*, Windows95. Author: Dima Droznin. Contact: Bob Hutt
    Signal detection and analysis for small networks. SONOGRAM detector, COASSEIN for network coincidence and COAEBULL for bulletin comparison and statistics. Some explanation can be found in Readme file. Platform: Windows3.xx or Windows 95. Author: Manfred Joswig. IASPEI PC software

  • Signal Processing
    AGU-Vallen wavelet
    AGU-Vallen Wavelet is a tool which allows to calculate and display the wavelet transform on individual waveforms. Platform: NT 95 98.

  • Data Analysis
    PEPP Software archives Princeton Earth Physics Project.
    PC recording; seismogram analysis (SWAP), location (LOCO), datahandling programs. Also available by ftp
    PickEv 2000
    Software to visualize, pick and process seismograms and locate local and teleseismic events. Platform: MS-DOS, Windows. Documentation available. Developed by Julien Frechet and Francois Thouvenot (sismalp@obs.ujf-grenoble.fr).
    WSG, Automated workplace (AWP) of seismologist
    Processing of seismic signals and estimating parameters for seismic event hypocetres both from records of a single station and from a group of stations.
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT. Author: Akimov Andrey Petrovich
    Russian links
    SWIP, Seismic Wave Interpretation Program.
    routine analysis of seismograms. Reads GSE 2.0, miniSEED, ESSTF, UMSS, MSS, DPW and FDL format. Includes english documentation and installation program.
    Platform: MS Windows. Author: Janek Wiszniowski
    EAS (version 2)
    Earthquake Analysis Software (EAS) using the muxed SUDS format. EAS (old version) is still available. Handles also miniSEED and SAC format. Platform: Win95,98,NT. README file. Contact: Yonggyu Ryoo.
    Data analysis of SUDS formatted data. include conversion from SUDS to SAC
    Requires free LabView Run-Time Engine, Platform: Windows. Author: Victorin Toader.
    Visual Picker
    Reference manual picking and weighting from seismograms in binary SAC format. Includes also the Wiener filter and automatic picking routines of MannekenPix. Platform: MS-Windows. Author: Freddy Aldersons.
    Interactive and graphical analysis of time series and Earth Tide series. Manual available. Developed at the Royal Belgian Observatory. Contact person: Marc Hendrickx

  • Recording and calibration
    SAPS v3.0
    Seismological Acquisition and Processing System. PC-DOS based. Data storage SUDS. Details can be found in the manual in MS-WORD. Program available upon request from Lani Oncescu. Authors: Lani Oncescu and Mihaela Rizescu.
    Build your own seismograph station
    by Larry Cochrane. Software and information. From the Public Seismic Network project.

  • Data display
    Event Viewing Software for PSN and SAC format data from the Public Seismic Network group.
    Visualuisation of seismicity and volcanic activity in space and time. Platform: DOS, Windows. Author: Alan Jones
    Seismic Waves
    Visualisation of wave propagation Platform: Windows. Author: Alan Jones

  • Data formats
    CONVSEIS v5.0
    Conversion program package for seismological data on PCs. Among others SEGY, SUDS, GSE1.0, GSE2.0. For details read the manual. Authors: Lani Oncescu and Mihaela Rizescu.
    SUDS Support Page
    Seismic Unified Data System (SUDS) a Windows based format for seismic data.

  • Macintosh programs
    Wiggles 3.2.2
    seismogram viewer/processor using SAC files. Documented. Author: C.J. Ammon.
    Seismologist's calculator
    utility for adding, subtracting times, computing moment tensors, distances and azimuths on a sphere. Author: C.J. Ammon.

  • Windows
    WinSite Software archive for windows shareware and trialware on the internet.
    Some mirrors: Sweden - Finland - Erlangen, Germany - Stuttgart, Germany .
    VRML Repository: Browsers Video browsers
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