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SEED utilities

Last update: November 07, 2012

Software to create, read or modify SEED volumes (specifically dataless SEED)

  • cdlook
    This ORFEUS seismogram view program provides easy access to SEED volumes. It allows you to select, display and reformat waveform data. Also, SEED volume header information is made available in a user friendly way.
    Developed by , ORFEUS Data Center.
  • SeedStuff
    Data processing tools for Quanterra and RefTek data for processing station tapes/files. Produces data quality protocols, SEED volumes and input files for several analysis programs. Geofon software. Developed by .
  • ASL-DCC tools
    Albuquerque Seismologal Laboratory (ASL) Data Collection Center (DCC) software tools. Contains: SEED toolkit, Time manipulation library, MHH-Event detector and some miscellaneous system functions.
  • IRIS DMC SEED utilities
    IRIS DMC developed a number of SEED utilities for producing, verifying, reading, response functions, etc. This includes, for example: rdseed, evalresp, PDCC, etc, but also the SEED manual.
  • PASSCAL software
    PASSCAL provides open-source software for downloading seismic data from REF TEK RT72A, RT130 and RT125, and Quanterra Q330 recorders, for quality assessment, and for conversion to other data formats for analysis and archiving at the IRIS Data Management Center. Also includes binaries for mac-os-x.
    SEED Header Assembly and Preparation Engine: A Dataless SEED Building Tool. The inputs to SHAPE are response text files in RESP format. Developed by: ISTI.
    Version 2.31. Conversion from GSE to SEED. Developed by: Reinoud Sleeman.
  • codeco3.3c
    A software package for waveform conversion on UNIX platforms. [GSE1.0/2.x, SAC, CSS2.8/3.0, mSEED] to [GSE1.0/2.x, SAC, CSS2.8/3.0, mSEED]. Developed by: Urs Kradolfer, Karl Koch and Klaus Stammler.
  • SeedCodec
    SeedCodec is a collection of compression and decompression routines for standard seismic data formats in Java. Developed by: Philip Crotwell

Some system users group communities, which may have additional, specific tools.

  • Quanterra Users Group (Berkeley, CA, USA)
    Quanterra Users Group Archive
    Software and information useful for persons or groups that use Quanterra seismic dataloggers.
    Maintained by .

  • Seismological Communication Processor
    (SeisComP3) and SEEDLink related software.
    Contact: (GFZ) .

  • Antelope Users Group
    Antelope is a commerical software (BRTT). However, there are a lot of additional software developments which are freely available.

  • EarthWorm
    A flexible, scalable seismic network processing system aiming at rapid earthquake notification. It is based on a modular design and a broadcast method of data communication. For SUNOS, Solaris (Intel & Sparc), Windows NT. EarthWorm ftp site and Earthworm documentation are available.

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