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Working Groups

ORFEUS activities rely heavily on contributions from participants that are, to a certain degree, coordinated within four working groups. Their mission and work is flexible and responds to issues that needs to be addressed within ORFEUS.

Working group 1 - Observatory coordination of broadband data acquisition and data exchange
Mission: 'Facilitate coordination between seismological networks in and around Europe'
Working group chair: Jan Zednik

Working group 3 - Mobile (broadband) stations
Mission: maintain an inventory of mobile instrumentation in Europe and its surroundings, and, where possible help facilitate coordination of temporary broad-band stations deployments in and around Europa.
Working group chair: vacancy (currently lead by NERA WP2 members)

Working group 4 - Seismological Software Library
Mission: promote the availability of relevant seismological software and to maintain the Seismological Software Library.
Working group chair: Joachim Saul

Working group 5 - Acceleration and Strong Motion Data
Mission: facilitate a long-term coordination involving data providers and scientists around Europe to ensure acceleration and strong motion data including adequate metadata becomes openly available.
Working group chair: Lucia Luzi

Note: WG2 has been merged with WG1 and we did not renumber the working groups.
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