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Working Group 5 - Acceleration and Strong Motion Data
This WG, created in Istanbul 2012 has been assigned the following responsibilities:
  • Setting rules for accelerometric data dissemination
  • MoU’s between data providers
  • Collaborating with EPOS for the preparation of projects
  • Contacting similar establishments in the other parts of the world
  • Ensure quality of metadata and waveforms, i.e. checking the quality of processed data of the partner institutions; suggestion/development of the state-of-the-art techniques for metadata compilation and data processing
  • Ensure IT development improvements: i.e. data transfer, optimum data dissemination techniques etc, coordinate with related activities of ORFEUS/EPOS
Current status

Working group chair:
The following networks joined the WG during the Istanbul 2012 meeting: Turkey (KOERI and AFAD), Italy (INGV and OGS), Greece (ITSAK and NOA), Portugal, Jordan, France (RAP), Switzerland (ETHZ). Acceleration and strong motion networks in and around Europe interested in participating are encouraged to contact Lucia Luzi.


Ankara, Turkey - 12-14 May 2014, AFAD, KOERI & INGV:
International Workshop on Strong Motion and Acceleration Data

Istanbul, Turkey - 12-14 November 2012, AFAD & KOERI:
ORFEUS Observatory coordination Workshop: seismic networks and acceleration networks

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